QLW is proud to offer quality services at a price that is affordable. You should give a reasonable amount of time to complete the project. For example, most simple requests such as single blog posts or articles will be completed within 48 hours, but building a quality website or blog can take a week or longer to complete.

  • Blog posts or other articles will cost 5 cents per word or we may negotiate a flat rate. For example, an ideal blog post will be somewhere between 450-600 words and this can usually be completed for a flat fee of 25$ per blog post. If the project requires an extraordinary amount of research to complete, this will be negotiated at an hourly rate up front.
  • Website content will cost 5 cents per word or, like blog posts, a flat rate can be negotiated based on the number of pages. Like blog posts, web pages will typically be around 450-600 words.
  • Any other type of articles or written content will be billed at 5 cents per word unless there is an extraordinary amount of research involved.
  • Legal research and brief writing are billed at an hourly rate of $20 per hour.
  • Website or Blog design cost varies, depending on the size of the project and the time it will take to complete. Please call or email to discuss specific details of your project and what it will cost.
  • The cost of in-office trial prep will ordinarily be a flat fee of $500 per day plus travel expenses.

Small projects, such as a single blog post or a single web page, are billed upon completion. There is no obligation to pay unless you are 100% satisfied with the product. Larger projects, such as multiple pages of content, legal research or brief writing, and web design, may require an up-front payment.